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Episode 16

Published on:

8th Nov 2020

Episode 16 - Lisa Grogan - Commercial Manager/Coach

Lisa found coaching sessions really helped to see things more clearly when she found herself at a crossroad in her career.

Through coaching she has been working on a number of changes both from a work and a personal perspective.

She has recently qualified as a coach at Kingstown College in Dublin, Ireland.

You can find out more about Lisa on LinkedIn


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The Emotional Coach
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"One Hour Holiday & other non prescriptive tools to improve your ecosystem."
This is my definition of coaching and my principle in my practice.

But the world of coaching is as vast and varied as the people that are working in this area, the people that benefit from it and the people that educate and write about it.

This podcast aims to delve into the world of coaching and its people, understand it better, hear first hand stories and create a space for us all to share and grow

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