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Episode 18

Published on:

14th Dec 2020

Episode 18 - Laura Maloney & Grace Meade - PENTAGO.IE

Laura Maloney and Grace Meade are accredited coaches part of a company called Pentago that offers coaching services to companies and individuals.

The company also includes Fabio Garganego and Pat O'Sullivan as well as yours truly.

The Pentago team comprise of individuals from the Coaching, Entrepreneurial and Big 4 accounting world.

We have married our passion for engaging people with our business acumen to assist organisations to harness and develop their talent.

We recognise the importance of the bottom line and the significant impact a creative, motivated and effective workforce can have in determining your organisational goals.

We passionately believe in the benefits of corporate well-being programmes. 

Check out Linked in for more information about Laura and Grace or

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